My Favorite Color 'Live' on Emerald Isle

Our first trip to Ireland — indeed the Irish green is luxurious, thanks to Mother Nature (rain). Four days before we landed at Dublin International Airport (Aug. 1), the River Arra overflowed, causing extensive damage in the heartland. And traveling with the Arras (Dan, his mother, our daughter Patricia and four children), were they surprise...Read More

What Did I Think of the Salt Lake City Convention?

(41st). Sacramento-1960 (16th), 1976 (24th); Detroit-1964 (18th); San Diego-1966 (19th), 1990 (31st);......Read More

Daze in Denver - Astonishing Amache

For the Nikkei over the Fourth of July holidays in Denver, Colorado, the question was — "Whose America? Who's American?,"  the theme of JANM's conference. For the hakujin,  they came to JANM's third  national conference in Denver. For the majority Nikkei attendees at JANM's project that took three years of preparation at the H...Read More

The Loving Case, Bill Marutani and Hapa Identity

Hapa identity, one of the issues to be explored at the National Japanese American Museum's national conference over the July 4th weekend in Denver, indeed focuses on changes stirring in the Nikkei world. Census 2000, the first to permit two or more racial/ethnic categories, revealed 2.1 million Asians of mixed heritage - 352,232 being of Japanese ...Read More

A Treasure: 'Memorial Book of Japanese Families in U.S.A.'

This priceless volume is very heavy in weight featuring family pictures taken a year or two before publication. Except for three lines of English identifying families and place of residence, the text is entirely in Japanese. The absence of Japanese families in Los Angeles and Southern California is conspicuous, so designed since this area was outs...Read More

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