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Get to Know the Candidates for National JACL Offices

In accordance with the JACL Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1 (b), the national nominating committee for national officers, also known as the nominations committee, has reviewed and approved the candidate applications for the people listed below for national offices. National president: David Lin, Jeff Yoshioka National vice president for public affa...Read More

Sonoma County JACL Honors Its Gold Medal Awardees

SEBASTOPOL, Calif.—Although many have now passed on, four living World War II Nisei veterans were able to attend a special Congressional Gold Medal tribute in Sonoma County in their honor recently. T/Sgt. Shiro Nakano of the Military Intelligence Service, Pfc Minobu Furuta of the 442nd Regiment, Capt. Frank Masuoka, MIS, and S/Sgt. Ted I...Read More

From Health to Power of Words, Convention Workshops Offer Diverse Topics

For those planning to attend the July 5-8 National JACL Convention in Bellevue, Wash. there will be an opportunity to take part in a diverse and informative array of workshops on July 7 at the Convention Center. Some are vital to your good health and others will inspire you to continue your life-long dedication to social justice. Some of the schedu...Read More

Returning to Seattle

My first image of Seattle was on a postcard of the Space Needle that I received from my father — I made a beeline to the icon when I attended my first Seattle Convention. After a few days, I discovered that Seattle is a “many-splendored” place, and I can’t wait to return to Seattle for the 2012 National Convention. The conve...Read More

Local San Jose Ceremony Honors Gold Medal Winners

For those World War II Nisei veterans who were unable to receive their Congressional Gold Medals last November in the nation’s capital, a local San Jose ceremony made sure the heroes were still honored. With more than 750 people watching, 65 Nisei veterans, 44 widows, and 50 family representatives were able to receive their replica Gold Medal...Read More

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