Dancing With Cheryl Burke

In nine seasons of doing ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," Cheryl Burke has waltzed, rumbaed and jived on national television with celebrities. But dancing in the spotlight on television soon brought the paparazzi's attention. Photos of Burke in a bikini on the beach were accompanied by bloggers' comments that the healthy dancer was gaining weight. ...Read More

‘Sucker Punch’ Co-Writer Steve Shibuya on Fighting Inner Demons

Steve Shibuya knows firsthand about the journey to fight one's inner demons. The Japanese American grew up in California with parents who were uprooted from their homes during World War II when they were declared "enemy aliens." As a result of their WWII experiences and cultural influences, it was a home environment where feelings and emotions we...Read More

‘Top Shot’ Contestants Take Aim at Jay Lim

When Jay Lim was the only one to hit the bull's-eye in the first challenge on the History Channel's "Top Shot," some contestants took aim at him. Using the same weapon that soldiers utilized to pass a sharpshooting test about 150 years ago, contestants completed their first Civil War shooting challenge. Lim, 35, was the only one to hit the bull's...Read More

Steelers’ Hines Ward to Turn On Razzle Dazzle for ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Hines Ward has his eye on the prize: a mirror ball trophy that would ease the pain of walking away from Super Bowl XLV empty handed. "It would be a great consolation," said Ward, the Pittsburgh Steelers' all-time leading receiver, about winning "Dancing With The Stars." Forget about the Steelers' Feb. 6 Super Bowl loss to the Green Bay Packers and...Read More

‘The Biggest Loser’ Father and Daughter Duo Race to the Finish

Kaylee Kinikini says she had never been kissed before appearing on "The Biggest Loser," reality show. Now in the tenth week of the weight loss show the 20-year-old has shed 57 pounds and her former bashful exterior. Her transformation physically and mentally has kick-started her dating life. "Right now I don't have a boyfriend. But I am dating a...Read More

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