TV Host Jeannie Mai Dishes Style and Advice

A portion of the show features the guests being implored by their family and friends to ditch their out-of-date, unflattering clothing. Guests often become emotional, crying and throwing fits as they trash their clothes in the giveaway bin, which was aptly named "Ew Tube."

Mai can empathize with the featured guests since even she is not exempt from fashion faux pas. There are a few unfashionable skeletons in Mai's own closet, which need to get dumped down the Ew Tube.

"EVERYONE has pieces that need to be canned," Mai wrote. "I went through this phase right when I started getting a 'lil booty, and thought I was so hot in spandex. Tights, pants minis, you name it. The Ew Tube would get clogged taking it away."

How Do You Look?

You do not have to be a "fashion guru" to understand what works with your body and personality, Mai said. Mai's advice to women: highlight your best asset.

"Ooh fun talk!" Mai said. "I just have to have blush. As a MUA (makeup artist), I find it essential to define the life to your face. ... Dab a hue to your cheeks and bring the smile to life!" And for the finishing touch, Mai suggests wearing dangling, sassy earrings.

The petite fashionista said her style inspiration comes from embracing her changing moods. Mai conveys her bubbly personality through her choice of clothing. When she feels "sultry," Mai wears dark hues and bright colors when she wants to feel "inviting."

But the best fashion accessory does not come from a boutique or catalogue.

"There are so many layers to how a woman can feel, that if we can embrace the feelings we're experiencing, we can create a theme of looks that celebrate what life gives us," Mai said. "The more you embrace what you're going through, the more you'll exude a fashionable confidence and keep 'em guessing."

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Mai offers these three rules for the fashionably inept:

1. Like yourself. I don't care what you think about yourself now or what parts you hate. Get in front of your mirror. Make a sexy face. Turn on Beyonce. Do what it takes to find a body part you love and start there. Decorate, define, highlight that asset and dress the rest around it.

2. Have fun. Fashion is a grown up word for "dress up." We all played it, who said you should stop? Pick a color that makes you happy ... bring out that asset you loved in step No. 1. Then add the finishing touches in sparkles and danglies [earrings] for accessories.

3. Repeat.


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