1. What is the Pacific Citizen?

The Pacific Citizen (P.C.) is a national Asian American newspaper published by the Japanese American Citizens League. Established in 1929, this semi-monthly publication covers news and issues of interest to a national AA readership.

2. How do I get my press release published in the P.C.?

Make sure your press release is about one-page, with the most important information at the very top, and include your contact information. Also, make sure the story you are pitching is submitted in a timely fashion and is relevant to a national Asian American audience which includes JACL members. Include lots of quotes and send graphics and photos. The deadline for all story submissions is the Friday before the date of issue. The P.C. is published on the first and third Fridays of every month except once in January and December.

Please keep in mind that the P.C. receives dozens and dozens of press releases on a daily basis and is unable to publish all the stories it receives. If your article is well-written, sticks to the word count, and is timely and relevant, your piece will have a better chance of getting published.

3. How can I get my letter to the editor, calendar item, or obituary published in the P.C.?

As in answer #2, make sure you submit your information or letter to the editor in a timely fashion. Also, stick to the word count: letters should be less than 300 words and calendar and obituaries items should be less than 50 words. If your are submitting a letter, make sure it addresses a relevant issue and is of interest to the P.C. readership. All submitted items are subject to editing and space does not allow all submitted items to be published.

4. Do you accept story ideas and pitches?

Yes, absolutely. The P.C. staff is always looking for story ideas that are relevant to a national AA audience. Each issue, the limited P.C. editorial staff juggles approximately 4 to 6 original reporting pieces in addition to other stories. Thus, all story pitches may not end up as a published story in the P.C. but we will do our best.

5. How can I get my story on the front page?

The stories that end up on the front page of the P.C. are at the discretion of the executive editor. Front-page stories are often staff written national stories relevant to a national AA readership. The front-page stories are considered “the most notable” of that particular issue’s content.

6. If I submit a press release or a calendar item can I get it published more than once?

If a press release is published in the P.C. the same release will not be published in a subsequent issue. If you would like a press release published more than once, you can resubmit an article for consideration with updated information or covering a different angle of the story.

If an item is selected for the Calendar section it will be published only once. If the item is relevant, it may be published in a subsequent issue if there is space available. Again, calendar items can be resubmitted for consideration with updated information.

7. Isn’t the P.C. obligated to promote JACL events, particularly if the event is a national JACL event?

The simple answer is no. Although we do our best to publish press releases on JACL events we are not obligated to help promote a particular event whether it’s publishing several consecutive articles or sponsoring an event financially.

Those wishing to promote their event are welcome to submit press releases and calendar items for consideration.

8. Can the P.C. staff attend our event and write an article especially since it’s a JACL event?

Although we do our best to cover a wide variety of events and stories, the limited P.C. staff makes it impossible to attend every event. Also, the P.C. staff has a very limited travel budget so all out of town coverage is limited to official JACL business such as the national convention, board meetings, and the various tri- and bi-district conferences. Again, even these events are limited to the P.C. travel budget line item.

9. Why does the P.C. report on non-Japanese American issues such as stories on the Chinese American and Korean American community?

The P.C. is a national Asian American publication and has long reported on issues and stories from the national AA community not just the JA community.

10. I’m a JACL member and would like to submit a change of address.

The P.C. handles only non-member subscriptions while the national JACL maintains all membership information. If members would like to submit a change of address, please contact the national JACL office (mbr@jacl.org, 415/921-5225).

11. I’m a JACL member and I didn’t get/I missed an issue(s) of the P.C.

Please see answer #10. National JACL can straighten everything out for you. Also, please keep in mind that it takes 6-8 weeks for new JACL members to receive their P.C.

12. How can I get in touch with a person you interviewed/who wrote an article/a regular columnist?

The P.C. cannot release any personal information but if you forward your email/letter/package to the P.C. office we will gladly forward it to the appropriate person or address.

13. How can I get a back issue of the P.C.?

Please let us know the particular issue (i.e. issue #) or issues you are looking for and our circulation department will forward you the issues once you have paid the issue(s) and mailing costs. Requests for older issues that require searching our Archives may be subject to a search fee.

14. I really enjoyed a particular article in the P.C. How can I get permission to reprint it?

Since all P.C. stories are copyrighted, you will need to get in touch with the P.C. executive editor to get authorized permission to reprint any of the P.C. articles.

15. How many articles do you normally post on the P.C. Web site?

Currently, the P.C. publishes a majority of its national stories written by the staff. In the future, we hope to include more content including letters to the editor and regular columnists. Stay tuned for more developments as P.C.‘s Web site continues to grow and expand.

16. If I send a photo(s), what format does the P.C. prefer I send it in?

The easiest way to send a photo to the P.C. is by email (pc@pacificcitizen.org) as a JPEG file. You can also mail your photos but the P.C. will be unable to return the photos to you and will become the property of the P.C. Do not fax photos.

17. I’m a member of the Japan chapter and I was wondering why I have to pay for an overseas delivery charge for my P.C.?

In 1998 the NCWNP district conducted a national study to determine if the JACL could afford to pick up the extra mailing charges of the P.C. for its Japan chapter members. It was decided that the national JACL could not pick up the added mailing costs and that the idea of bulk mailing the P.C. issues was not feasible. Also, the P.C. has several foreign subscribers, both members and non-members, in addition to its subscribers in Japan. Please keep in mind that most, if not all, publications with overseas subscribers charge an overseas mailing cost.

Japan chapter members can also log onto the P.C. Web site to read some of the stories published in the P.C.


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