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Asian American Teen Starts the #MyAsianAmericanStory After Jeb Bush’s Comments on Asians Being ‘Anchor Babies’

By September 2, 2015No Comments

By P.C. Staff

Last Monday, after Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush labeled Asians as “anchor babies,” 15-year-old Jason Fong posted several tweets on Twitter, hoping to encourage other Asian Americans to share their experiences. He began the trend of using the hashtag #MyAsianAmericanStory, which was trending in Los Angeles up through Tuesday morning.

Like Fong, many others expressed their pride of being Asian American but also criticized those who hoped to “pit” Asian and Latino immigrants against one another. Fong stated that he was wary of any attempt to create divisions between different minority groups. He also said he would be more than happy to see other minority communities using similar hastags to tell their own stories.

Fong’s final hope is that others in the U.S. that aren’t Asian American now realize who they really are. “I hope that people can look at this tag and know that Asians and Asian Americans are part of the American narrative,” he said. “Our opinions and our stories matter just as much as those who immigrated less recently.”