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Bay Area Police Investigating a String of Racist Graffiti Directed at the Chinese

By September 13, 2015No Comments

By P.C. Staff

San Francisco area police are investigating several recent occurrences of vandalism in the city’s Portola neighborhood, which have been defined as hate crimes against the city’s Chinese American residents. According to Bay Area Police Officer Grace Gatpandan, vandalism containing the words “No More Chinese” has been found in five locations in the area.

Despite efforts to paint over the words, locals in the area are not satisfied with just covering up the words alone. Local resident Tommy Luk said he wasn’t appeased and said it was a “major blow” and that he was “ disappointed” in the community for allowing anything like this to happen.

Police investigators are not exactly sure what time the crimes occurred, but they believe they happened on Sept. 6. The vandalism occurred on Silver Avenue, Felton Street, Brussels Street and at the Palega Recreation Center.

Police are hopeful that those involved will be caught — law enforcement is currently looking through video footage from private security cameras in the area.