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Concerns about JACL Membership

By October 28, 2015November 20th, 2015No Comments

Dear Editor,

Read your message in the most recent P.C. Thanks for asking for feedback!

I’m afraid that JACL will lose significant membership if you go digital. Please be aware that many us — especially those of us at the beginning of the “baby boomer” generation and older — are used to paper. We still subscribe to newspapers and magazines;
we still like the feel of a book in our hands.

I do peruse the P.C. when it arrives in the mail. I will probably not peruse a digital P.C. — just delete it unless there’s some very catchy headlines.

I hope someone is doing some research around the questions you pose in your message. We need to be very aware of what to expect with this dramatic change. I would hate to see membership drop so drastically that the organization itself is threatened.

Is there a way to send the P.C. electronically to those who prefer that format and to still publish and send for those who want the hard copy? It seems to me there could be some savings for those who want the electronic copy. Another option: Charge more for the hard copy.

Anyway, these are my thoughts today. Hope they are helpful.

Marsha Tadano Long,
Olympia, Wash.