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Dragon Project Helps Youths Take Back Their Community

By September 1, 2015No Comments

By P.C. Staff

A new Oakland community project known as Dragon School aims to empower local young people to “take back” their community by teaching youths to adorn their community with 99 Golden Dragons.

Founder Luqman Lin’s original idea came from wanting to paint 99 Dragons in Chinatown in order to “take back” the community from graffiti taggers. Lin teaches youths how to paint the Golden Dragons by offering templates and instructional YouTube videos.

All the artwork completed by the Dragon School Project is done with the permission of merchants, who are allowing the artists to paint on their walls. The project does demonstrate street art etiquette by never painting over other graffiti. This project brings together local youths in the community and enables the beauty of the Golden Dragons to be put on display.