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Hailstorm Causes Damage to Amache

By August 24, 2018April 3rd, 2019No Comments

Additional repairs are still needed for several structures at the historical site.

Baseball-sized hail destroyed several structures at Amache and the surrounding town of Granada, Colo. Repair donations are greatly needed to restore the damaged sites. (Photos: Courtesy of Amache Preservation Society)

Following a severe hailstorm that hit Amache and the town of Granada, Colo., on July 29, several structures at the National Historic Site and surrounding town are still in need of repairs after baseball-sized hail driven by 70 mph winds resulted in damage estimated at more than $3,000.

The barracks building on the Amache site lost 65 of its small-pane windows during the storm, and damage was also assessed at the water tower and guard tower. In the nearby town of Granada, population estimated at 600, widespread destruction occurred to the windows of nearly every building and home, as the hail also punched through carports and heavily damaged cars. Fields were left in ruins.

“Amache Preservation Society has been working hard to secure the site and was able to get all of the barracks windows fixed and protect all of the artifacts housed at the Amache Museum and Research Center. Thanks to generous donations from the Japanese Association of Colorado, National Park Service and Amache community, these immediate needs were covered,” said Kirsten Leong, an Amache descendant and representative of the Amache Historical Society II. “The totality of the damage was extensive and widespread (in Granada), and it will take quite some time for repair, cleanup and recovery. … Amache and the town of Granada have had a close relationship since the creation of the site, and preservation and maintenance of Amache would not be possible without the dedication of the people of Granada. Because Granada has so generously and unfailingly supported the preservation of Amache, the Amache Preservation Society will also be assisting Granada residents most in need.”

JACL Youth Member and Amache Descendant Tomi Eijima, who participated in a dig at Amache this past summer, said, “Amache and the people of Granada, Colo., could use our support. … Donations would honor the 7,000-plus former Amache residents and allow others to experience this important part of American history.”

Donations to repair and help restore the site and surrounding community can be sent to or mailed directly to Amache Preservation Society, P.O. Box 259, Granada, CO 81041-0259.