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JACL Welcomes New Membership Coordinator to National Staff

By May 7, 2021May 14th, 2021No Comments

Bridget Keaveney succeeds Phillip Ozaki, who has been promoted to JACL’s development director.

JACL National is excited to introduce Bridget Keaveney as its membership coordinator; she succeeds Phillip Ozaki, who has been promoted to development director. Keaveney, who began her duties on March 29, is based in the organization’s San Francisco headquarters.

Keaveney will be responsible for all membership duties including rosters, NMC meetings, managing the inbox, renewals, credentials and membership campaigns. In addition, she will serve as the staff person on the National Convention Credentials committee and the liaison to the National Youth/Student Council.


“I feel incredibly honored to be part of such a venerable organization. I look forward to continuing my passion of bringing together different ideas and people from various communities and advocating for their rights. As someone who grew up in a small, rural town in Oregon, it’s important to me that I make a conscious effort to reach out to those who may need an organization like JACL in their lives,” said Keaveney. “I believe that the position that I now hold at the JACL will allow me to pursue what I hope will be a lifelong career committed to social justice.”

Ozaki, who is currently training Keaveney in her new duties, reflected: “We are delighted to hire Bridget, who has already hit the ground running as our membership guru. In just one month, she has done an excellent job refreshing our membership materials and connecting with chapter leadership. Bridget’s background brings new perspectives that our membership program needs. … Together, we are trying to solve the challenging question, ‘How can we get more people like her involved with JACL?’

“With my promotion to development director and Bridget’s hire, we have more capacity to find critical funding for our youth, education and social justice programs. We have already applied for grants for our education program, expanded our Convention sponsorship efforts and launched our 2020 Annual Report, which can be found on our website (”

Keaveney was recommended to JACL from the Japanese American Museum of Oregon, where she was a cultural assistant, cataloger and lead volunteer for several years. She is a December 2019 graduate of Portland State University with a bachelor of arts in letters, social sciences and liberal studies and a certificate in global studies. She also has a content creation background as a co-publisher and illustrator for the children’s book “Dreams of Little Miss Aeva.”

“My biggest goal at the moment is to cultivate as many strong relationships with chapters as possible, so that I may work with their coordinators to strengthen and build outreach programs that encourage and support membership participation. I wish to explore and implement as many strategies as possible,” Keaveney said. “My hope is to also encourage members to utilize social media as a means to entice and recruit new members. When used strategically, I believe that social media can be a catalyst to helping chapters engage with their members, share their content and network with others.”

Welcome, Bridget, to JACL!

Bridget Keaveney can be reached at