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Letter to the Editor

By July 31, 2020September 1st, 2020No Comments

Dear Editor,

This is a belated response to Mr. Sreescanda Subramonian’s letter (Pacific Citizen, April 24-May 7, 2020) in which he says “declassified White House documents” about redress justifies his calling me “a legend in my own mind.”

For one thing, there are no “classified documents” about redress, which was a political effort open to all, one that in no way affected our national security, though it did affect our nation’s understanding of its constitutional history.

For a second thing, Mr. Subramonian’s documentary was disavowed and disowned by its financial backer, Nitto Tire, for asserting that there was no 442 role in the success of HR 442.

For a third thing, I hope your readers might consider the sentiments of Congressman Bob Matsui:

The Book Behind Redress

“Without Grant Ujifusa’s ‘Almanac of American Politics’ — and its immense prestige and clout in Washington — Japanese American redress would not have happened.

“All 535 members of Congress worry about what the book says about them every two years, which enabled Grant to swing key Republican House members behind the bill. The ‘Almanac’ also created access to a small chunk of Ronald Reagan’s time, but time enough to tie redress to the personal memory the president had of fallen 442 hero Kaz Masuda.

“Ten minutes in the library with the new 1998 edition of the ‘Almanac of American Politics’ will give you a sense of how Congress really works and how redress navigated the tricky waters of establishment Washington.”

— Congressman Robert Matsui



Grant Ujifusa