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Letter to the Editor

By June 3, 2022June 10th, 2022No Comments

Dear P.C. Staff,

I want to write and tell you that even though I am a very young boomer, and despite the fact that I love reading on my laptop, iPad and cell phone, I really love getting my P.C. issue as a hard copy. There is something deliciously “vintage” and “natsukashii” about holding a paper while sipping on my morning coffee and reading the articles while dropping toast crumbs in the middle, carefully emptying them onto my empty breakfast dish.

It is great to be able to cut out articles and send them to people that might be interested.

I can also show people while I am out and about what the P.C. looks like and when holiday ad time comes around, I carry a photocopy of our local Contra Costa JACL chapter ads and the ad issue itself. It really gives the ad buyers an idea of what kind of publication the P.C. is and how great a newspaper it is.

I belong to several nonprofits, and JACL has, by far, the best newspaper/newsletter of them all. Thank you for continuing to do a great job on editing. My OCD spelling and grammar correcting tendencies never make their unwanted appearance while I am reading the P.C. Furthermore, it is so nice to see the ad for Kubota Mortuary every issue. My brother works there, and it makes me feel happy to think of him every time I see the ad.

And don’t get me started on the holiday issue. I LOVE the holiday issue. I love all the stories from all over the country and poring over their ads. I especially like to support those businesses when I travel. (Except for mortuaries — I am going to put off my use of them for a bit.) I like asking businesses to support us. And I love to tell our readers to make sure and mention that they saw the ad in the P.C. to the business when purchasing from them.

We are welcoming members who are NOT JA to our chapter. So, the P.C. is a wonderful way to show them what kind of organization we are. Thank you for making us look so good.

I also love the fact that the P.C. is inclusive in terms of diversity in its articles, opinions and letters. I love the letters to the editor, the pictures, seeing what the chapters are up to and, of course, reading the obituaries.

Our own Yas Aoki passed away recently, and this issue had his obituary. I am going to try to write up something about JACL multigenerational service and send it to you.

All of you at the P.C., please pat yourselves on the back and keep up the good work!

Best Regards,

Yoko Olsgaard
Member, JACL Contra Costa Chapter