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Letter to the Editor

By April 26, 2019May 15th, 2019No Comments

Dear Editor,

I am a member of JACL and subscribe to a hard copy of the Pacific Citizen. I am a friend of Patti Hirahara and attended Washington State College with her father, Frank Hirahara. I enjoy reading the articles in the P.C., especially the articles written by Patti Hirahara.

The articles I enjoy the most are about the lives and contributions of Japanese Americans. I believe that Asian Americans’ contributions are the result of those made by individuals. The P.C. contains mostly good news, which is uplifting during these troubled times in which we currently live. You are doing a fine job as editor of the P.C., and I commend you and your entire staff.

Keep up your laudable efforts!


 Terry Ishihara
San Pedro, Calif.