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Letters to the Editor: PC Readers React to Going All Digital

By October 26, 2015November 20th, 2015No Comments

Dear Editor,

The recent communication that the paper version of the Pacific Citizen (P.C.) will be eliminated in the spring of 2016 is very troubling to me. I believe, at this point in time, that it is a necessity that we continue to keep the paper now because it sets us apart from other organizations whom have failed to keep their own paper. It is a symbol of our history and how JACL has come so far.

Let’s not forget about our seniors. We owe it to them. Our senior members, deceased and living, made their sacrifice of increased membership cost for the continuation of the organization we call the JACL. Had it not been for the financial support of our senior members, the legacy of the oldest and largest Asian organization would not exist. We all know that the P.C. is a main benefit of being a JACL member. If we lose readers of the P.C., what happens? Are we as effective as a national organization without it? I would argue no.
I believe the value of the P.C. in its current printable form is vital.

I believe that the P.C. is the heart of our organization and unites us all together by giving us a forum where we can share events and address issues from other chapters. It ties older generations with younger generations.

If the National Board is focusing only on the cost aspect of the P.C., then I don’t think we are looking at the whole picture. I inquired to find out what is the actual cost of printing and mailing the P.C. The average cost to print and mail one newspaper is a mere $0.47. If Chapters are required to print and mail out the newspaper to their own members who elect to receive a printed version, the cost will be at least two to three times of what it is today. Who will bear that cost? Chapters shouldn’t be burdened with this extra cost nor the trouble of printing it (muzukashi). I would argue that the value of keeping the P.C. in its current printable state by far outweighs the cost. We must continue our legacy and keep the P.C. in its current paper form.

Please join me to save the newspaper.

I’m taking a poll across the nation. If you believe in saving the paper form of the P.C., please contact me now due to the National Board’s aggressive timeline to eliminate the printed paper. If this decision is not overturned by the beginning of the new year, then the paper P.C. will no longer exist.


Kai Uno,
President, Omaha Chapter, MDC,
Mobile: (801) 560-5999
Email: kai_uno(at)