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Local Massachusetts-based Cambodian Mutual Assistance Assn. Works With the White House on Outreach Programs for AAPI

By August 31, 2015No Comments

By P.C. Staff

Massachusetts-based Cambodian Mutual Assistance Assn. recently began working with the White House on a project that will help close gaps in outreach programs.

CMAA’s aim is to help close gaps that prevent certain groups of Asian Americans from receiving health, economic and educational assistance. Organizers of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders met with members of CMAA to discuss how to carry out their mission in Lowell, Mass. Meanwhile, business, labor, health and social-service officials met with CMAA members to discuss issues keeping Asian Americans from flourishing locally.

Bopha Malone, president of CMAA’s board and relationship manager at Enterprise Bank, spoke about his experience in working with fellow Asian Americans. “ … many Cambodians only feel comfortable talking to other Cambodians when it comes to their personal information being requested in loan applications,” he said.

CMAA Executive Director Sovanna Pouv says the White House’s goal was to reach out. “Their (White House) goal right now is to reach out to these smaller Asian communities that need the resources.”