MGM Resorts to Host Japanese Artist Kisho Mukaiyama

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Bridging culture and ideas from Japan in Vegas, the artist’s work will be on exhibit at the Bellagio Resort.

LAS VEGAS — Notable Japanese artist Kisho Mukaiyama began work on a new artwork, “Vendarta 100: Six Elements and the Seasons,” in a temporary public studio at the Bellagio Resort & Casino on June 29. The experience is presented by MGM Resorts Art & Culture, a program that focuses on commissioning, collecting, supporting and presenting modern and contemporary art in and around MGM Resorts destinations globally. Mukaiyama’s work will become part of MGM Resorts’ Fine Art Collection.

Through January 2019, Mukaiyama will work on a commissioned artwork comprised of 24 square gouache paintings. The artist studio space is located next to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and features a guest lounge for viewing and learning more about Mukaiyama’s artistic practice.

“Bringing artistic culture and ideas from Japan to Las Vegas is an incredible learning opportunity for our community and our guests,” said Tarissa Tiberti, executive director of art and culture for MGM Resorts. “As a major patron of the arts, MGM Resorts is excited to provide unprecedented access to an exceptional artistic talent and continue to foster relationships with artists from around the world.”

Born in Osaka, Japan, Mukaiyama spent his childhood on Mount Kova, one of the most prominent locations of esoteric Buddhist temples. He found himself entranced by the tranquil environment of the surroundings and Buddhist art. Drawing from this past experience, Mukaiyama has used the fundamental presence of light as a motif since the beginning of his career. Many of his paintings are created using wax and paper, emphasizing the interaction between light and color as it is viewed through semitransparent materials. The systematic layering creates a surface of soft gradients with remarkable depth.

As part of the studio program, Mukaiyama will expand his impact on the Las Vegas art community by engaging with the next generation of artists. He will conduct studio visits for University of Nevada, Las Vegas, students as well as present a public artist talk at the university’s Marjorie Barrick Museum.

In addition to Mukaiyama’s residency, MGM Resorts Art & Culture will continue the company’s efforts to bring Japanese culture to guests from around the world who frequent Bellagio. BGFA’s newest exhibition, “Primal Water,” which also made its debut on June 29, features a hand-picked selection of contemporary Japanese art assembled by renowned curator Midori Nishizawa.

Upon completion, Mukaiyama’s commissioned artwork will join the MGM Resorts Fine Art Collection and will be installed permanently at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.