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‘P.C.’ Representing the JACL?

By November 10, 2015November 20th, 2015No Comments

Dear Editor,

In the October 16-29, 2015, issue of the P.C., you asked for input on the impending conversion to an all-digital P.C. Here are my thoughts:

  1. I understand the financial pressures on the P.C., but my question is, “Why do you think that the P.C. must be a self-sustaining entity?” It represents the J.A.C.L. (more on that later), not itself.
  2. I’m a retired computer engineer from a high tech firm, which is to say I’m not technophobic. I own 3 P.C.s, 3 printers, a smart phone, etc. I’m not afraid of downloading a PDF file. But that is not true of the remaining Nissei’s and a portion of the Sansei’s that did not grow up in the current tech environment.
  3. I used to subscribe to a bowling magazine that decided to go digital a couple of years ago. It took me 3 months before I realized that I was no longer receiving a printed copy. I did a bit of research and found the digital copy and found they had extended my subscription to the digital version. So, no problems right? Well, here’s the problem: How do I know that a new version of the magazine is available? Even if I get an email, if I happen to be busy and don’t go out immediately to read it, then it gets lost. Not only that, if I read a portion of the magazine, what prompts me to go back and finish the month’s issue? After a couple of months, I didn’t go to the site and most importantly, I didn’t renew my subscription. Basically, I didn’t miss the magazine, so I didn’t see a need to purchase it. Here’s where the J.A.C.L. will experience problems with an all-digital P.C. If I don’t read the P.C., then I don’t know what the J.A.C.L. is doing, how my membership money is being used, certainly there is very little coverage of the J.A.C.L. in other news sources. So, after a while, seeing no tangible benefit to my membership in J.A.C.L., I’m likely to no longer be a member.
  4. This doesn’t happen with daily newspapers, because every day you can go out to their site and know that there are new articles to read.
  5. What other methods of funding have you explored? I’m willing to pay extra for a printed copy of the P.C. with my membership dues.

Since declining membership is probably the biggest issue facing the J.A.C.L., I would think anything that exacerbates that issue should be looked at very critically.

                                               Alan Oyama