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P.C.’s Spring Campaign Brings New Beginnings

By March 8, 2019March 28th, 2019No Comments

My dad discussed life in the incarceration camps with us while we were growing up. As a young man, he left 
Poston “camp” to work in Idaho and experienced homelessness and hunger. After he left camp, the work was not scheduled to start for another week. He had no money or a place to live. He ate out of dumpsters. But, it was as through gaman that he survived.

I remembered my dad saying how important JACL was to him. It provided him with a sense of belonging, and the Pacific Citizen resonated what JACL was all about. The P.C. has been in my family for many years. It has been a bridge of communication from JACL to its members.

Dad was governor of CCDC in the 1970s. We discussed redress and its importance in the lives of those who had their lives disrupted by Executive Order 9066. The P.C. was there then, and it continues to be the link to JACL today.

I think of spring as the season of new beginnings. The fruit trees here in the Central Valley are beginning to blossom. The cold of winter is turning into bright, sunny days. The rain has left clear, fresh air and a breathtaking view of the Sierras.

It is during this beautiful season that I reflect on giving to the P.C.’s annual Spring Campaign.

Please join me in 
giving whatever you can to help keep the Pacific Citizen thriving now more than ever.

Thank you.




Marcia Chung, P.C. Editorial Board Member, CCDC