Reimagine Everything: Can’t Decide What to Watch in a World of So Much Choice? Help Is Here

By September 8, 2017September 15th, 2017No Comments

By Ron Mori

It’s almost fall, and our household is getting back into the swing of our normal routine. In recent years, that didn’t necessarily mean getting excited about the upcoming lineup of new fall TV shows. In fact, it’s been the exact opposite in our household — TV shows have come and gone, reality TV shows have lost our interest and YouTube, Netflix and other streaming content has now become the norm.

That’s why I was excited to hear that AARP recently announced a new initiative called “TV for Grownups,” which will offer online reviews, news and even awards starting in 2018.

The new project follows AARP’s Movies for Grownups initiative. In short, TV for Grownups aims to connect AARP members with relevant programming while also help demystify the technology associated with home entertainment.

I’ll be the first to admit that I need help when it comes to demystifying my remote control, let alone all of the programming options available today.

I used to think that the golden age of TV had passed us, when we had three main national networks and shows such as “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” and “Wide World of Sports.”

“Television has hit a new golden age, climbing to new heights in quality programming, making TV for Grownups the most natural progression for our entertainment portfolio,” said Myrna Blyth, senior vp and editorial director for AARP Media.

TV for Grownups will encompass all platforms of TV content including broadcast, cable and streaming, as well as help viewers make savvy choices when choosing TV-related devices and apps, service providers and subscription-based platforms.

Personally, just helping me navigate the many viewing options is worth its weight in gold at a time when so much TV and streaming content is available.

While the days of the three main networks are long gone, what has not changed is that the 50-plus audience watches more TV than any other age group.

I have cable, but I rarely access cable channels during a normal week. In our household, it has become a situation of too many choices and not enough time in a week.

This new golden age has more than 450 scripted TV series available for your viewing pleasure. And with streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and more, you can enjoy your favorite shows on nearly any e-device you have.

At a certain point, some of you may say it’s too much. If you’re like me, the concept of AARP’s TV for Grownups is exciting to help filter the choices available and

connect you to the smartest, most relevant, most entertaining shows for viewers over 50.

TV for Grownups will feature news, and interviews in each issue of AARP The Magazine and online every week. reviews And, as we do with our influential “Movies for Grownups” program, AARP will give TV for Grownups awards starting in 2018 to recognize excellent work by TV actors and show creators.

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