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Supporting the P.C. Helps Students Like Me

By March 24, 2017April 10th, 2017No Comments

By Juli Yoshinaga, NY/SC P.C. Editorial Board Representative

On behalf of the NY/SC team and myself, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the Pacific Citizen and the NY/SC throughout the years. The Pacific Citizen has given continuous support to students and youth whom are eager to get involved within their communities.

With the launch of the Pacific Citizen’s annual Spring Campaign, I invite everyone to aid the Pacific Citizen to be sustainable and continue to be able to serve as a national JACL newspaper in our community.

As a student leader of my university’s Nikkei Student Union, the Pacific Citizen has supported student organizations by offering collaboration opportunities and providing a space for students to outreach to the community.

The paper itself has the ability to connect youth around the nation by providing a space to share stories, dialogue and a sense of belonging with shared interests and identities. The Pacific Citizen’s devotion to help students has opened doors for youth engagement.

From my personal experience as a student studying journalism, the Pacific Citizen has given me the opportunity to learn the in-depth process of newspaper writing and much of the behind-the-scenes work in the journalistic world.

It has also provided me with the tools to learn beyond the classroom setting, so I can apply my knowledge to real-life situations.

Donating to the Pacific Citizen will not only help the sustainability of the paper but also will help students stay connected by providing a sense of community and commonality among us.