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VCJACL Recognizes Hospital Workers

By June 5, 2020June 25th, 2020No Comments

Ventura County chapter members thank first-responders for their COVID-19 dedication.

By Ventura County JACL

Jason Tamai of Tamai Family Farms donated the strawberries. (Photo: Courtesy of VCJACL)

“The BEST Strawberries for the BEST Health Care Workers” flyer accompanied the recent donation of strawberries from Ventura County JACL to staff at Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo, Calif., for their hard work and efforts in combating the current coronavirus pandemic.

Chapter members thanked the hospital’s staff for their ongoing dedication and commitment to helping care for community members.

VCJACL chapter member Julia Miyamoto (center) delivers the berries. (Photo: Courtesy of VCJACL)

VCJACL’s Julia Miyamoto delivered the strawberries, which were grown by specialty farmer Jason Tamai of Tamai Family Farms in Oxnard, Calif.

Hospital personnel received the berries and quickly distributed them to its 325 employees. Staff were impressed, surprised and commented enthusiastically on the berries’ very sweet flavor.

One wrote, “It is heart warming to see and experience all the support and generosity and the community coming together in this difficult time.”