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JACL Resolves to Hire Staff Amid Budget Crunch

By July 20, 2018No Comments

JACL National Council delegates hold up placards while voting at the 2018 National Convention in Philadelphia on July 20. (Photo: Pacific Citizen)

Also OK’d: Resolutions to form Young Professionals Caucus, Support for Due Process for Undocumented Immigrants, Opposition to ‘Travel Ban’

By P.C. Staff

PHILADELPHIA — Despite the JACL’s ever-present financial constraints, the organization’s National Council on Friday approved Resolution 1, which sought to hire new staff “as promptly as possible” to fill regional director vacancies at the Midwest and the Pacific Southwest District offices.

The vote took place at the JACL’s 49th National Convention, which began July 18 and concludes on July 22

Also approved was Resolution 2, which sought to create a Young Professionals Caucus.

After discussion over wording changes, the National Council also approved Emergency Resolutions 1 and 2.

Emergency Resolution 1 put the JACL on the record in support of due process for undocumented immigrants; and in opposition to indefinite detention of undocumented immigrants and the conversion of military bases as facilities for incarcerating undocumented immigrants. The resolution also opposed the construction of new facilities for that purpose.

Emergency Resolution 2 calls on Congress to pass legislation to curtail discriminatory policies and practices put forth by the White House to restrict travel from certain countries, a policy that in earlier incarnations was known as the “Muslim Travel Ban.”