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Letter from the ‘Pacific Citizen’ Editorial Board

By October 18, 2015November 20th, 2015No Comments

Below is a letter published in the Oct. 16-29 Issue regarding the digital plan voted on by the JACL National Board.

The Pacific Citizen Editorial Board members listed below are disappointed to learn the recent vote by the JACL National Board on Oct. 3 pushed the move to a digital Pacific Citizen in a very short window to commence in March 2016.

The P.C. Editorial Board was neither consulted nor informed of the pending vote by the National Board. We feel the time window offered to complete the implementation to digital format is inadequate and are concerned that there is no transition plan in place. The details of how this move to a digital P.C. will be accomplished in such a very short time frame is yet to be defined.

We respectfully request the National Board reconsider its vote and allow more time for an effective and successful transition to the digital format. The move to digital doesn’t have a business or work plan to ensure, or even improve the odds, of success, digital or print.

There are many details to be considered, including the potential impact on membership, advertising revenue and the final decision on the correct digital format. Input from chapters and membership should be sought, and they should be allowed time to consider the changes and a venue to voice their comments and concerns

Signed by NCWNPD Rep. Jim Duff, PSW Rep. John Saito and IDC Rep. Gil Asakawa