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Zessar Query Prompts Further Discussion for the NEC

By July 18, 2015July 21st, 2015No Comments

By Education Matters

While on a trip to San Francisco recently, Mr. Bill Zessar stopped by JACL headquarters to share his concern and interest in the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II and pose the question he conveys in his commentary that appears in this issue of the Pacific Citizen.

As the National Education Committee of the JACL is in the process of updating both the curriculum guide and its portion of the JACL website, Zessar’s query has prompted a further review and discussion for the NEC.

In 2008, in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 by President Ronald Reagan, the Anti-Defamation League created a special section on its Curriculum Connections section of its website that includes an historical overview of the incarceration as well as learning activities. This section of the website also contains video clips from interviews of Nisei who shared their memories and experiences of their time in the camps that were selected from the Densho website.

With Holocaust museums in Skokie, Ill., Atlanta, Ga., and Houston, Texas, all hosting JACL Teacher Training Workshops, perhaps the JACL should follow the ADL and consider reciprocating its education section of its website to partner with the ADL and include a section on the Holocaust.
While there are many parallels between these two events in history, the one that echoes from those who experienced them is their message that it never happen again to any others. That message should never be forgotten or fade from the classrooms.

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